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25th August 2016 

Angela Lincoln Nutritional Therapist & Weight Management Consultant London

Know yourself and you will win all battles-Sun Tzu

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Healthy nutrition and weight management made easy
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-achieve weight loss
-improve digestive disorders or solve skin problems

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Dietary analysis
-answer a few simple questions
-fill out a 4 day food diary
-learn how well you are doing and what changes to make to your diet to get fast improvements .

Weight loss management personal 10 point plan
-fill out a 4 day food diary
-get a dietary analysis and personal weight loss plan

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Nutritional and weight management advice is based on the importance of the balance between nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, with practical advice and solutions.

Healthy nutrition can help to improve:
- Skin, hair & nail disorders,
- Digestive disorders
- Optimum weight levels,
- Energy levels
- Personal well being

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